White House Insider: Pelosi and Obama at War

Posted: 10/17/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Obmamaaaaa File

Our White House Insider reveals shocking revelations of an ongoing battle between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Obama White House, as well as an enraged Michelle Obama taking on former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, and Hillary Clinton keeping Obama guessing.


Author’s Note:  As our many readers know, our last discussion with our Washington D.C. Insider source revealed that the media was about to release speculative reports of a Hillary Clinton Vice Presidential offer from the Obama White House.  Within 48 hours of publication, such noted media outlets as CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, and Drudge were all reporting on that very topic.  While not the first time the Insider proved accurate in their predictions, it was certainly the most notable to date.


Nice to see you again – so you indicated you were given the “green light” to shed some more personal details regarding past events involving members of the White House and Congress.  Who gave you that green light?  I won’t say anything more on that specifically beyond simply stating that this individual is no longer burdened by the requirements of their position at the White House.  So yes, I was told I could speak more freely now, and that is what I intend to do.  I’m happy to do it in fact.  And I’m happy to see some more people quietly coming forward also.

Well, you do realize that what you are describing points a very possible finger at Rahm Emanuel, right?  He has just left his position at the White House.  That is your position, not mine – and don’t expect me to clarify it.

So Rahm Emanuel is not the one that gave you the go ahead to speak more freely?  No comment on that.  But I do have a lot of information I am prepared to share with you if you wish to hear it.

Ok…do you have any details on former Chief of Staff Emanuel’s departure?  Sure. (long pause)

Well go ahead – what… (interrupts)  Rahm Emanuel left the White House willingly, but he was also under strong suggestion to leave.  He has not been a dominant figure in the West Wing for some time now.

He was the White House Chief of Staff – how could he not have been a dominant figure?  He has been marginalized.  Pushed aside.  Even his direct access to the president was reduced more recently.  It happens.  There is always an ongoing fight to gain the ear of the president.  Rahm lost that fight, and now he is gone.  If he hadn’t left, I am certain he would have been forced out, which would have been no easy task because the guy is a fighter.

Who marginalized him?  Good question.

Thank you – but do you have the answer?  Sure… (clears throat) It was mainly three people.  Valerie Jarret, David Axelrod, and Michelle Obama.

The First Lady?  Michelle Obama wanted Rahm Emanual out as Chief of Staff?  Why? Why? From what I was told, she never trusted Rahm.  Not totally anyways.  And when Rahm voiced his opinion in opposition of moving on health care, she and Jarret were apparently offended.  Those two were the primary opposition against Emanuel, with Axelrod acting as the go between.  Eventually, Axelrod sided with Jarret and the First Lady, and Rahm was left standing on his own-  especially after Larry left.  There was apparently an open fight between the two at one point.

Between Rahm Emanuel and Michelle Obama?  Yes.  A loud shouting match.  She stood over Rahm and told him to shut the -expletive- up.  Pointed her finger right into his face and told him to shut the -expletive- up.

You heard this yourself?  No-no.  It was told to me by…someone who was there.  Very close to the situation.  Very close.

Was the president there?  Yes, he was standing nearby.  He heard the exchange.

What did he do?  Nothing.  He apparently ignored it.

You mean to say that the First Lady and the White House Chief of Staff are shouting at each other, and the President of the United States stood there and did nothing?  Yes – that is correct.  It is my understanding Obama did nothing.  Rahm stormed back to his office and that was that.  At least until David came to him the next day and said the president told him it might be time for Rahm to move on from the White House.

David – David Axelrod?  Yeah – Axelrod. He came to the Chief of Staff and informed him the president was considering replacing him, though no concrete decision had been made yet.  It was obviously to allow Rahm a way out on his own. To save face.  I think that was Axelrod’s gesture, not the president’s.  I don’t believe the president was really concerned about it one way or the other.  It was politics, staff, procedure – all things President Obama cares little for.  I don’t believe he’s terribly comfortable with the one-one-one thing.  No script. No approving audience.  No Obama…

So the president didn’t speak to Rahm himself on the subject?  Not a word about it.  As I said, President Obama doesn’t appear to care about those things.  And even for the White House Chief of Staff access to the president was becoming a bit more…tedious.

Axelrod was limiting access to the president?  Not so much Axelrod, but Jarret.  Some already consider her the de facto White House Chief of Staff, and have for some time now.  She is very close to the Obamas.  Very protective – as is Michelle Obama of her.

Ok, so we have conflict between Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarret and Michelle Obama.  You also told me you had information about what you described as a “war” between the White House and Nancy Pelosi.  Go ahead and tell us what that is all about.  Sure-sure.  As I have indicated in earlier interviews, Pelosi feels she went to bat for the White House over health care, right?  And she did.  She pushed and prodded and got the votes.  But she was also promised by the White House political cover for those who voted.  The kind of cover that would allow Democrats to keep Congress after the midterms, and for Pelosi to keep her position as Speaker.  The White House failed to do so and as time went on Pelosi has become more and more upset.  Initially she and Rahm were in opposition on this issue you know.  Rahm didn’t want to push for healthcare, but Pelosi, and others in the White House, were for it.  Pelosi wanted it to be her legacy vote, right?  Her shining moment as Speaker.  Well, she got her vote, but it came at great cost, and now her legacy is being tarnished partly by a White House who sold her on unkept promises.  And she’s extremely upset about it.  Rahm had warned her that she and the Democrats could end up paying a high price for that healthcare vote but she ignored those warnings.  Following the vote, as time went on, she came to realize how right Rahm was.

Are you saying Pelosi and Rahm became allies?  That might be too strong a term.  Let’s just say they developed a mutual appreciation for just how difficult it was to trust some within this White House.  Here is something I found interesting when it was shared with me.  You want to know what Pelosi thinks of Barack Obama?  The phrase that was forwarded to me that is said to have come from her?

Absolutely.  Now I’m paraphrasing here a bit, but this is the gist of it.  “If the president wants a war then that is what he is going to get.  I’m done playing patsy to this -expletive- White House.  If that -expletive-  wants to throw me under his -expletive- bus, then bring it on.

A war?  There is a war between Pelosi and Obama?  Yes.  As extreme as that sounds, that pretty much sums up the situation now between the Speaker and the White House.  They are certainly not on friendly terms.  Did you notice how there was almost no public comments coming from Pelosi for weeks?  She went quiet.  Apparently she was directed by White House staff to minimize her public comments in the final months prior to the midterms because she had become such a political liability.  That is how she was described by the White House – a liability. White House staff told that to her face.  And you know what?  The speaker went along with it.  It had to be tough, because she is as proud a woman as you will find, but she conceded to the White House’s request that she remain quiet.  At least for a while.  Now she is speaking out again, and if you read her words carefully, you can see them being directed at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, as well as her own Democrats in Congress.  She is now reasserting herself as the leader of the party, no longer trusting the White House to deliver an effective message to voters.  I believe the lame duck session following the midterms is going to prove extremely…interesting.

You sound like you respect her for that.  Absolutely.  I am not necessarily a big fan of Speaker Pelosi on a personal level, but she has done everything this White House has asked of her, and then some.  And for that she was told to be quiet?  To stay out of the way?  I’m appalled that the White House treated her in such a way.  I’m appalled at how this White House has treated so many Democrats.  It is simply unacceptable.  So if Speaker Pelosi finally decides to fight back and fight for Democrats against the Obama White House, yeah – I respect that.  I respect it a lot.  Good for her.  I sure as hell don’t blame her.

Shifting gears back to our last conversation – do you still feel Hillary Clinton will either be Obama’s next Vice President or run against him in 2012?  Yes – and yes. (laughs)  As I said, it is either one or the other.  I am absolutely certain of it.  ABSOLUTELY 100% certain.  And the Obama White House is hoping Secretary Clinton accepts the offer of Vice President, because they certainly don’t want to face the battle that would be the primary between Clinton and Obama.  Some Clinton supporters have quietly initiated a number of state to state internals recently that show a very positive trend in her favor if such a primary battle were to be waged.  Very favorable.

Internals?  Internal polling. Very tactical stuff.  And it’s looking good for Hillary Clinton right now.  That could change of course – drastically change, if the economy were to improve even marginally prior to the 2012 elections.

If the polling is so favorable to Hillary Clinton, why haven’t they went ahead and published that polling?  Great question!  The answer is simple.  If she were to approve publishing such polls, it would be an open declaration of intent, and at this point, it appears Hillary Clinton is playing a very well executed game with President Obama.  She has him guessing at every nuance of every word she utters.  I told you some time ago that Obama truly fears Hillary Clinton.  That fear has only grown in recent weeks.  So much so that they are now offering the position of Vice President to her to keep her under some semblance of control.  It will be fascinating to see what her next step is.  I can guarantee you this – she is leaving Obama guessing, and likely enjoying a lot of satisfaction at being able to do so.  I know I’m enjoying it!

So no specific ideas yet on which of those two choices Hillary Clinton will ultimately take?  Oh, I have my ideas.  Absolutely!  I really think she’s still 50/50 though.  It all depends on how badly the midterms turn out for the Democrats.  I knew the media was going to release some speculative “Hillary as Vice President” stories because I was told first hand by someone directly involved in the publication of one of those stories.  But guess who told them? (brief pause) The White House.

The White House wanted the media to report on the possibility of Hillary becoming Vice President?  Why?  To get the story out there before the midterms.  To test it with supporters, to see if it was something viable for 2012, and to get ahead of it before someone in the Clinton camp did so themselves.  The Obama White House is trying to regain control of the situation, but I think they played right into Hillary’s hands on this one.  You know what the majority of politicos are saying about Hillary as Vice President?

What?  Why would she want to be Vice President when she could be President – in 2012?  There is a growing number who are thinking if she wants it, it’s hers to have IF the economy does not improve.

And you agree with that sentiment?

Yes – yes I do.

REFERENCE: White House Insider: Obama Offering Hillary Clinton Vice President Position


Read more: http://newsflavor.com/politics/us-politics/white-house-insider-pelosi-and-obama-at-war/#ixzz12jv60qXm

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