Exclusive Interview: Lord Monckton Talks About NWO Master Plan

Posted: 10/18/2010 by Lynn Dartez in Alex Jones

Oct 17, 2010

hidden Nwo objective behind it all.

  1. mutuelle says:

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  2. The NWO is a ‘Messianic’ Scheme For Apocalypse NOW

    The purpose of our blog is to show scientifically that the NWO is the creation of the Old Religious Order, the Order of Malta.

    Its purpose is without its own knowledge to impersonate the Antichrist in an emulation of the prophecies in the Book of Daniels and the Book of Revelations!

    It had and will have large economic, social, and military consequences!

    Already, without doubt, the most dangerous organization on earth ever. It Will soon make Corporal Adolph Hitler look like a Boy Scout!

    You have got economic problems? Look no further!

    Action is Required Now.

    It is our purpose to pre-empt the Apocalypse.

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