Vote as if your children’s’ and grandchildren’s’ future depend on it

Posted: 11/01/2010 by Lynn Dartez in We The People

By Judi McLeod  Monday, November 1, 2010

`The Campaign That Never Ended on November 4, 2008’, comes to an abrupt, merciful and undignified end tomorrow night.

Most of the Democrats have been greedily picking the pockets of the poor, begging—on an almost daily basis—breaking the backs of the most vulnerable: the poor they claim to represent.

How many who sent money in response to the never ending Dem shill to “Send $5”, “Send $3” by midnight tonight”, “Get your picture taken with Obama”  were not the hired extras from Nielsen’s Back Stage site but the real poor?

Far too many!

Instead of getting their gas bills paid, a new house or car in the heady Obama-is-Messiah days of early 2009, the poor who most supported Obama’s Hope & Change are even poorer.

While some 40 million Americans stave off starvation thanks only to Government-issued Food Stamps, their Messiah is getting ready to flee to India two days after midterm elections.

The tragedy of the Obama Regime is how he forcefully began the Transformation of America on the backs of the gullible poor.  How many Single Moms cleaned out their cookie jar piggybanks to send “just $3 by midnight” to keep the high riding Dems in latte money?  How many poor folk during the past two years went from hope to despair?  How many children did without in the incessant DNSC demand for money?

For those heartbroken as their houses were repo’ed by the bank and for those whose layoff notices claimed their jobs, President Obama it is a nightmare come true.

As the talking heads keep telling us, there have been bad presidents of the past who robbed the people of their rights and who lengthened the human misery of other Recessions and even a Depression, but some of their victims have long ago passed, while this hurt is here and now.

As the clock ticks to polls closing tomorrow night, news of election fraud and corruption dominate the news.

People are being kept on edge.  Mail bombs were somehow stopped in transit on Friday (Everything in America happens on Friday) but authorities fear some are already on American soil waiting only for detonation.

Barack and Michelle have travelled the wide world at taxpayer expense. But there are some who are uneasy about another Obama trip where 570 rooms of the Taj Mahal Hotel and why almost the entire American aircraft fleet are necessary this particular trip/

Why are so many Washington Poohbahs getting out of Dodge?

No one knows what to believe any more.  But this you can believe: Some Dems—maybe most—will be defeated at tomorrow’s polls.

Even if widespread cheating disappointingly saves some Democrat hides, Dems will go down to defeat, and the cheers from We the People will resound across the watching globe.

Reality is too often lost in the Obama hype,  but the reality of tomorrow is vote as if your children’s and grandchildren’s future depend on it because that has become the harsh new reality.

Hype it as he might, hightail it to India as he will, the worst of the Obama Nightmare is beginning to recede because after the votes are counted only Soetoro and Soros are left—even though next chapter ushers in Government by Executive Order.

Americans are still standing even after all the malice and spite thrown their way by their own president.

It’s been a long, hurtful haul but November 2, 2010 is the beginning of We the People getting their country back.

Patriots: This is your turn. Go and get ‘em!

  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a great article � it is a very helpfull and I wanted to say I appreciate your effort and hope you do not mind if I comment on this subject. I have been blogging about this subject recently and it is refreshing to see from others who share the same views as me. I have forwarded a link of your post to my friends list.

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