Can You Hear Me Now?

Posted: 01/03/2011 by Lynn Dartez in Dr. Manning
  1. JackForAmerica says:

    Love that Dr. James Manning. He tells it like it is and doesn’t mince words. I am one of that so-called 20% who does not believe Obama was born in America. To be in America’s #1 job, he must prove he is qualified by birth to be there. If he has nothing to hide, it wouldn’t hurt a bit to show his long form birth certificate and put a stop to the controversy. I hope that a bunch of states go with Arizona and Texas and require that before a candidate can be placed on the ballot, he must prove his eligibility, and another thing, I don’t believe the poll Matthews used is a valid poll. It was conducted by the New York Times and CBS, both left-wing liberal supporters of Obama. I don’t believe that 58% of the people believe he was born in the USA.

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