What Would You Do If You Were President?

Posted: 08/23/2011 by Lynn Dartez in Tea Party's, We The People

by Bill Sardi

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The New York Times Sunday Review asks twelve prominent Americans WHAT THEY WOULD DO IF THEY WERE PRESIDENT.

We can understand a truck driver with little education and struggling to provide for his family is totally distracted and has no time to contemplate a fix for what ails America. But here we see a dozen learned, erudite Americans who suggest such nonsense as “forming a committee,” mixing the upper classes with the masses, draw a line on policies and let the public know “where I stand,” require Congressional leaders to participate in workshops to create meaningful dialogue, take more risks to research and develop inventions, or educate dysfunctional voters.

Hey, all this is fine and dandy. You mean those guys in the White House and Congress can just be blown over with a whiff of fresh political air and all those entrenched forces (military, banking, medicine, education, oil and energy companies) who are standing in the way of progress and who promote the status quo can be overcome in a midnight second?

If you want to talk about real change and progress in America, then why not facilitate some of the following?

  • Volkswagen has a car that gets 260-miles to the gallon. You won’t see it any time soon in the USA. It would disrupt the oil cartel’s hold over America.
  • Mercury Cable, a small start-up company has a new type of power cable that would eliminate the need for hundreds of fossil-fueled power plants by saving electricity that is lost during transmission. Stringing Mercury Cable’s new technology to replace existing outdated power lines would save over $60 billion a year, just for the major cross-State trunk lines that supply America with power. In other words, installation of this new power cable technology would pay for itself in just one year. Mercury Cable isn’t finding a welcome mat here in the USA and is largely taking initial orders for its product from foreign nations. U.S. power companies don’t want any new technology that would lower electricity rates.
  • Dr. John Cannell is single-handedly leading an under-funded revolution in American medicine where a ten-cent vitamin, vitamin D, would quell most diseases and lower mortality rates, essentially solving the American healthcare funding crisis by reducing demand for care. We’re talking about savings in the trillions of dollars here. The Vitamin D Council website will tell you more about this.

    But there is no impetus in Congress or in the hallways of American medical institutions to adopt vitamin D into daily health regimens of Americans, let alone fortify foods with this nutrient. Instead, drug companies are cooking up synthetic versions of vitamin D, sold with the imprimatur of being FDA-approved, to profiteer off the idea, at greater expense to Americans.

Just one of the twelve “If I was President” commentators at The New York Times, Dr. Andrew Weil, the famed Harvard botanist, said: “I’d tell the nation that I was powerless to control the war machine, Wall Street, big oil and the other interests that run the country, and I would urge Americans to form a new political party not beholden to them.”

Why are Americans missing the bigger more obvious picture?

I mean, don’t educated Americans see all the fraud, that reckless bankers need to be jailed rather than just fined (did you read the report where big banks stole small profits from retirement plans in currency trading and it all added up to billions of dollars?). Where can you steal money and just give it all back and go on with your life? Do only small-time bank robbers go to jail?

Don’t Americans see that the Federal Reserve Bank, the FDIC, the Securities Exchange Commission, and the US Treasury Department are a racketeering syndicate that dilutes and devalues and outright steals the wealth of Americans by printing more money and then pays banks not to use it, pays dividends to bank stockholders while paying next to nothing in interest on savings accounts, lies about real inflation and unemployment rates, has created quasi-government entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac so bankers can palm off their bad loans on the public, and creates money as an IOU (dollar bill) but has no provision for the interest on that created debt-money, so there is never enough money to pay the interest and the system faces inevitable implosion at some point in time? These government entities are created to shove all losses onto the public and away from private ledgers.

Can’t we see that money is no longer being invested to grow new business and employment but rather to produce wealth for a few elites in speculative profits generated in the stock markets? Making a fortune in day trading is the order of the day, not investing money in a new venture and waiting for stock dividends. The stock markets have become a gambling parlor rather than conduit for investment.

Don’t Americans realize that onerous taxes have forced American businesses to divert profits offshore where tax rates are lower? Yes, corporations should pay their fair share, but they also have to compete with foreign corporations that are taxed at much lower rates. An offer by industry to bring trillions of offshore dollars to America was rejected by The White House because it would reduce taxes and favor the wealthy. So the money and jobs remain offshore in this standoff.

If you want to fix America, then ……

Hey, if you want to fix America, listen first to Ron Paul, who IS running for President, and needs no committees or wasted time to formulate his ideas. He knows what to do, such as:

1) write off over $1 trillion of debt the federal government owes to itself;

2) eliminate entities like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that spawn irresponsible lending;

3) instead of raising taxes at the same time government is downsized, lower taxes and reduce government spending so that capital will be available to create new jobs for displaced federal workers;

4) undo what President Nixon did 40 years ago and back the nation’s currency with gold, which would solve the world’s financial crisis in a heartbeat. Confidence in the US Dollar would be restored, other currencies would follow, and the nation would stop creating false growth with counterfeit confetti money;

5) Raise the interest rates on money banks loan (in this case, directly from the US Treasury rather than the Federal Reserve) so as to raise interest rates on banked money and encourage savings, rescuing Americans whose banked money is eroding in purchasing power at the pace of inflation and also to inhibit over-spending by politicians as living off of borrowed money would cost more;

6) Dismantle the Federal government which is paid off by special interests to maintain the status quo. Eliminate the FDA, IRS, FDIC, the Federal Reserve bank, all which serve as false props for special interests, and shove these functions onto the individual States, where competition among States would eliminate so many bad programs and ideas.

Americans love their country to a fault. These ideas may have once seemed preposterous, but Ron Paul’s words have gained a growing acceptance.

Can any Presidential candidate live up to their words?

So, do you hear any of the other candidates trolling the nation for the Presidential nomination consistently saying these things and meaning it? The last few Presidents said one thing to get elected and then did another.

Competition between States is good

You can see this now as it took just six months for the State of Wisconsin to get its budget under control and turn a surplus and become friendly to business and actually add new jobs for its work force. The same goes for Texas which has overtaken New York as the 2nd-best economy in the union. Wisconsin and Texas have created most of the new jobs in America over the past few months. In a time of prolonged economic downturn, Montana’s economy has built a surplus in the State’s general fund, and it has done so by buying goods and services wisely. North Dakota’s economy is booming and its population is rising with people searching for jobs. Californians and New Yorkers are moving to Texas in droves. Let the State’s competitively battle it out by attracting a skilled work force.

California is one of the most business-unfriendly States that over-taxes and over-regulates business and industry, particularly small business. How long will Governor Jerry Brown (once called “Jerry-no-growth Brown” in a former Governorship) wait before he realizes his tax base of wealthy Californians has moved to Texas? Believe me, competition will smack State politicians out of office who pander to unions and special interests to gain votes with borrowed dollars at the expense of growth in their economies.

August 23, 2011

Bill Sardi [send him mail] is a frequent writer on health and political topics. His health writings can be found at www.naturalhealthlibrarian.com. His latest book is Downsizing Your Body.

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