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Bilderberg-Approved Perry Set to Become Presidential Frontrunner

Rant For America Fight the New World Order!! A Real Patriot

Message FROM the Militia to Civilians


Revolution 2011 This Government is DONE

Obama Launching World War III

Revolution 2011 David Icke – The Coming World War 3 2011


 Militia Networking of The American Resistance Movement

The time to be ready is now or forever hold your peace. I put this together as a warning. We can no long sit idol. The time for real American Patriots to rise to the top. Do as you may as for as for me I will be committed to battle those who come. It is my God given right to stand , Not Government or man. If you are not with us you are against us. Wake up are be taken to your fema camp.

Lynn Dartez

  1. Lynn Dartez says:

    Been trying to get more Patriots to view this blog and comment on here.. To my effort I feel I have failed at this point. Trying to keep the truth being spread to all.. Jack you an a couple others post here. Thank you for that. We will keep on bringing the truth but at the same time my heart is sadden that others don’t come and commit here.

    Was hopping to get some great debates going on but nothing. No one has time to pay attention to the real threat that is coming to America on September 17, 2011.

    Lynn Dartez

  2. I believe everything revealed in these videos. We are at the point in our history when talk is no longer reasonable. Our ideas, our suggestions, our talk no longer matters to the government and the politicians who enslave us. The fascist New World Order of the corrupt United Nations and the so-called elite has been placed on the front burner under their puppet Barack Hussein Obama. They have become impatient with the slow progress of their agenda and have shifted into high gear. We must take heed, prepare for the worst, and keep the faith. God Bless America.

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