Posted: 09/19/2011 by Lynn Dartez in 2011, Blood Lines of Evil, Criminals to We The People, Feds, Land of The Free, NEW WORLD ORDER, Obmamaaaaa File, Tea Party's, We The People, Zebra
We The People Freedom Now bring REASON to your ear, in language PLAIN as A B C, hold up TRUTH to your eyes…ignore it -or- act on it…Your Choice, Your Family and/or Business future, OUR government is out of control…
So Grandma & Grandpa, Mommy & Daddy, Auntie & Uncle, Legal Citizens 18 years to whatever and Corporations alike…demand OUR… DO NOTHING SENATE SENATORS start voting a  BUDGET TWO YEARS NO BUDGET and on ALL of the bill issued by the Peoples HOUSE thus far, or we will fire you and bring in new leadership in 2012.  We demand INVESTIGATIONS  on the billions of our TAX $ given to marxist militant hoodlum institutions such as ACORN, Black Panther Party, NAACP, TIDES, SEIU who have clearly broke laws thus far as well as congressional investigations [ ISSA R CA OVERSIGHT COMMITTEE  FAX 202.225.3303] on our Justice Department not taking legal action against aforementioned institutions thus far.  Guys & Gals JUDGMENT DAY NOVEMBER 6, 2012 IS COMING guess who is on the Fire the Bum List [FTBL]?
Patriot Update Obama’s ‘Jobs Bill’ Makes ACORN Eligible for $15 Billion in Taxpayer Money September

2011…ACORN and other radical left-wing groups would be eligible for up to $15 billion in federal funding if President Obama’s new economic stimulus package becomes law. Section 261 of the bill provides $15 billion for “Project Rebuild.” Grants would be given to “qualified nonprofit organizations, businesses or consortia of eligible entities for the redevelopment of abandoned and foreclosed-upon properties and for the stabilization of affected neighborhoods.” Radical groups like ACORN won’t get the whole $15 billion, though, because they will have to compete with state and local governments for the money…In March of this year, Obama’s Dept. of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) gave a $79,819 grant to the Miami branch of the massive conglomerate known as ACORN Housing Corp. (AHC). AHC filed papers in 2010 legally changing its name to Affordable Housing Centers of America (AHCOA). The nonprofit corporation owed $162,813 in back taxes to the IRS, states, and cities as of this past July…Despite the new name, AHCOA is the same old corrupt organization. It even uses AHC’s federal Employer Identification Number (72-1048321). AHCOA operates out of the same office address (209 W. Jackson Blvd., 3rd Floor, Chicago, IL 60606) and uses the same telephone number (312-939-1611).

FAX this Email to CONGRESS today [Red CONSERVATIVE Republican, Maroon MARXIST Democrat & Republican] demand they delete this ACORN $ non sense NOW…FURTHER demand Senators push Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid D NV fax 202.224.7327 take VOTE actions on House Bills sitting on his desk SINCE 2010, NOW OUR SENATORS [S] & HOUSE MEMBERS [H] BY STATE… Alaska S MURKOWSKI R AK 202.224.5301, S BEGICH D AK 202.224.2354, Alabama S SHELBY R AL 202.224.3416, S SESSIONS R AL 202.224.3149, H SEWELL D AL 202. 226.9567, Arkansas S BOOZMAN R AR 202.228.1371, S PRYOR D AR 202.228.0908, H ROSS D AR 202. 225.1314, Arizona S KYL R AZ 202.224.2207, S MCCAIN R AZ 202.228.2862, H GRIJALVA D AZ 202.225.1541, H PASTOR D AZ 202.225.1655, H QUAYLE R AZ 202.225. 3462, Colorado S UDALL D CO 202.224.6471, S BENNET D CO 202.228.5036, H DEGETTE D CO 202.225.5657, N Carolina S BURR R NC 202.228.2981, S HAGAN D NC 202.228.2563, H BUTTERFIELD D NC 202.225.3354, H WATT D NC 202.225.1512, S Carolina S DEMINT R SC 202.228.5143, S GRAHAM R SC 202.224.3808, H CLYBURN D SC 202.225.2313, WILSON R SC 202.225.2455, Maryland S CARDIN D MD 202.224.1651, S MIKULSKI D MD 202.224.8858, H CUMMINGS D MD 202. 225.3178, H EDWARDS D MD 202.225.8714, H HOYER D MD 202.225.4300, New YorkS SCHUMER D NY 202.228.3027, S GILLIBRAND D NY 202.228.0282, H CLARKE D NY 202. 226.0112, H ENGEL D NY 202.225.5513, H HICHEY D NY 202.226.0774, H KING R NY 202.226. 2279, H MALONEY D NY 202.225.4709, H MCCARTHY D NY 202,225. 5758, H MEEKS D NY 202.226.4169, H NADLER D NY 202.225.6923, H RANGEL D NY 202.225. 0816, H SERRANO D NY 202.225.6001, H TOWNES D NY 202.225.1018, H SLAUGHTER D NY 202. 225.7822, H VELAZQUEZ D NY 202.226.0327, California  S FEINSTEIN D CA 202.228.3954, S BOXER D CA 202.224.9454, H ALLARD D CA 202.226.0350, H BASS D CA 202.225. 2422, H BECERRA D CA 202.225.2202, H FARR D CA 202.225.6791, H FILNER D CA 202.225.9073, H HONDA D CA 202.225.2699, H ISSA R CA 202.225.3303, H LEE D CA 202.225.9817, H MACK R CA 202.225.2961, H MCCARTHY R CA 202.225. 2908, H MILLER D CA 202.225. 5609, H PELOSI D CA 202.225.4188, H RICHARDSON D CA 202 225.7926, H SANCHEZ D CA 202.226. 1012, H STARK D CA 202.226.3805, H WATERS D CA 202.225.7854, H WAXMAN D CA 202. 225.4099, H WOOLSEY D CA 202.225. 5163, Texas S HUTCHISON R TX 202.224.0776, CORNYN R TX 202.228.2856, H POE R TX 202.225.5547, H SESSIONS R TX 202.225.5878, H GREEN TX 202.225.2947, H GONZALEZ D TX 202.225.1915, H JACKSON LEE D TX 202.225. 3317, H JOHNSON D TX 202.226.1477, H HASTINGS D TX 202.225.1171, Hawaii  S INOUYE D HI 202.224.6747, S AKAKA D HI 202.224.2126, H HANABUSA D HI 202.225.4580, H HIRONO HI 202.225.4987, WisconsinS JOHNSON R WI 202.224.2725, S KOHL D WI 202.224.9787, H BALDWIN D WI 202.225.6942, MOORE D WI 202.225.8135, Pennsylvania S TOOMEY R PA 202.228.1229, S CASEY D PA 202.228.0604, H BRADY D PA 202. 225.0088, H FATTAH PA 202. 225.5392, Delaware S CARPER D DE 202.228. 2190, S COONS D DE 202.228.3075, H CARNEY D DE 202.225.2291, Florida S RUBIO R FL 202.228.5171, S NELSON D FL 202.228.2183, H BROWN D FL 202.225.2256, H CASTOR D FL 202.225.5652, H HASTINGS D FL 202.225.1171, H MACK R FL 202.226.0439, H ROONEY R FL 202.225.3132, H SCHULTZ D FL 202. 226.2052, H WEST R FL 202.225.8398, H WILSON D FL 202.226.0777, Rhode Island S REED D RI 202. 224.4680, S WHITEHOUSE D RI 202.228.6362, H LANGEVIN D RI 202.225.5976, H CICILLINE D RI 202.225.3290, Massachusetts S BROWN R MA 202.228.2646, S KERRY D MA 202.224. 8525, H CAPUANO D MA 202.225.9322, H FRANK D MA 202.225.0182, H MARKEY D MA 202. 226.0092, H MCGOVERN D MA 202.225.5759, H OLVER D MA 202. 226.1224, H TIERNEY D MA 202.225.5915, Maryland S CARDIN D MD 202.224.1651, S MIKULSKI D MD 202.224.8858, H EDWARDS D MD 202.225.8714, H CUMMINGS D MD 202.225.318, H VAN HOLLEN D MD 202.225.0375, Indiana S LUGAR R IN 202.228.0360, S COATS R IN 202.228.1377, H CARSON D IN 202.225.5633, Montana S BAUCUS D MT 202.224.9412, S TESTER D MT 202.224.8594, Michigan S LEVIN D MI 202.224.1388, S STEBENOW D MI 202.228.9325, H CLARK D MI 202. 225.5730, H CONYERS D MI 202.225.0072, H LEVIN D MI 202.226.1033, Idaho S CARPO R ID 202.228.1375, S RISCH R ID 202.224.2573, Iowa S GRASSLEY R IA 202.224.6020, S HARKIN D IA 292.224.9369, H BRALEY D IA 202.225.6666, Illinois S KIRK R IL 202.228.3333, S DURBIN D IL 202.228.0400, H DAVIS D IL 202.225.5641, H GUTIERREZ D IL 202.225.7810, H JACKSON JR. D IL 202.225.0899, H RUSH D IL 202.226.0333, H SCHAKOWSKY D IL 202.226. 6890, Kansas S ROBERTS R KS 202.224.3514, S MORAN R KS 202.228.1265, Oregon S WYDEN D OR 202.228.2717, MERKLEY D OR 202.228.3997, DEFAZIO D OR PHONE 202.225.6416, ConnecticutS LIEBERMAN D CT 202.224.9750, S BLUMENTHAL D CT 202.224.1083, H DELAURO D CT 202.225.4890, H MURPHY D CT 202.225.5933, Minnesota S FRANKEN D MN 202.224.0044,  S KLOBUCHAR D MN 202.228.2186, H BACHMANN R MN 202.225.6475, H ELLISON D MN 202.225. 4886, Ohio S PORTMAN R OH 202.228.1382, S BROWN D OH 202. 228.6321, HS B0EHNER R OH 202.225.0704, H FUDGE D OH 202.225.1339, H KAPTUR D OH 202.225.7711, H KUCINICH D OH 202.225. 5745, Georgia S CHAMBLISS R GA 202.224.0103, S ISAKSON R GA 202.228.0724, H BISHOP D GA 202.225.2203, H JOHNSOM D GA 202.226. 0691, H LEWIS D GA 202.225.5603, H SCOTT D GA 202.225.4628, N Dakota S HOEVEN R ND 202.224.1193, S CONRAD D ND 202.224.7776, H BERG R ND 202.226.0893, S Dakota S THUNE R SD 202.228.5429, S JOHNSON D SD 202.228.5765, Tennessee S ALEXANDER R TN 202.228. 3398, S CORKER R TN 202.228.0566, H COHEN D TN 202.225.5663, Nebraska S JOHANNS R NE 202.228.9436, S NELSON D NE 202.228.0012, New Hampshire S AYOTTE R NH 202.224. 4952, S SHAHEEN D NH 202.228.3194, New Jersey S MENENDEZ D NJ 202.228.2197, S LAUTENBERG D NJ 202.228. 4054, H PAYNE D NJ 202.225.4160, H SIRES D NJ 202.226. 0792, New Mexico S UDALL D NM 202.228.3261, S BINGAMAN D NM 202.224.2852, H LUJAN D NM 202.226.1528, LUNJAN D NM 202.226.1528, Nevada S ENSIGN R NV 202.228.2193, S REID D NV 202.224.7327, H BERKLEY D NV 202.225.3119, Oklahoma S INHOFE R OK 202.228.0380, S COBURN R OK 202.228.0380, H BOREN D OK 202.225.3038, Washington S CANTWELL D WA 202.228.9514, S MURRY D WA 202.224.0238, H INSLEE D WA 202.226. 1606, H MCDERMOTT D WA 202.225.6197, Wisconsin S JOHNSON E WI 202.224.2725, S KOHL D WI 202.224.9787, H RYAN R WI 202.225.3393, H BALDWIN D WI 202.225.6942, H KIND D WI 202.225.5739, H MOORE D WI 202.225.8135, Maine S SNOWE R ME 202.224.1946, COLLINS R ME 202.224.2693, H PINGREE D ME 202.225.5590, H MICHAUD D ME 202.225. 2943, Mississippi S COCHRAN R MS 202.224.9450, S WICKER R MS 202.228.0378, H THOMPSON D MS 202.225.5898, Missouri  S BLUNT R MO 202.224.8149, S MCCASKILL D MO 202.228.6326,H CLAY JR. D MO 202.226.3717, H CLEAVER D MO 202.225.4403, Louisiana S VITTER R LA 202.228.5061, S LANDRIEU D LA 202.224.9735, H RICHMOND D LA 202.225. 1988, Kentucky S MCCONNELL R KY 202.224.2499, S PAUL R KY 202.228.1373, Utah S HATCH R UT 202.224.6331, S LEE R UT 202.228.1168, H MATHESON D UT 202.225.5638, Vermont S LEAHY D VT 202.224.3479, S SANDERS I VT 202.228.0776, H WALCH D VT 202. 225.6790, Virginia S WEBB D VA 202.228. 6363, S WARNER D VA 202.224.6295, H CANTOR R VA 202.225.0011, H SCOTT D VA 202.225.8354, W Virginia S ROCKEFELLER D WV 202.224. 7665,  S MANCHIN D WV 202.228.0002, H RAHALL D WV 202.225.9061, Wyoming S ENZI R WY 202.228.0359, S BARRASSO R WY 202.224.1724. Marxism & Americanism cannot coexist in USA. Our Constitutional FREEDOM works when WE USE IT…Legal Citizens & BUSINESS [Small & Big],  ALIKE!  EMIL ME TO A FRIEND…


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