White House Fuels Rush Death Threats As Media Matters Lies

Posted: 03/08/2012 by Lynn Dartez in 2012, Alex Jones, Blood Lines of Evil, Criminals to We The People, END THE FED, Feds, FEMA CAMPS

The Spectacle Blog

By on 3.7.12 @ 12:45PM

In an extraordinary development reported exclusively by Dan Riehl over at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government, the Democrats’ deliberate refusal to accept Rush Limbaugh’s apology, coupled with the President’s attack on Rush, has fueled a stunning surge in death threats against the conservative champion.

The American left, its proclivity for violence well demonstrated over the centuries from riots over race, labor, Vietnam and Occupy Wall Street to specific assassinations such as that of President John F. Kennedy by Communist and pro-Castro activist Lee Harvey Oswald, has now been stirred to talk of violence against Limbaugh.

The threats also comes in the wake of a left-wing drive to intimidate Limbaugh sponsors.

Limbaugh’s audience will doubtless be even further infuriated by the news of the physical threats, captured in screen saves by Riehl. As reported here at the Daily Caller, Carbonite — which officiously withdrew as a Limbaugh sponsor and then was revealed to be headed by MoveOn.org contributor and leftist businessman David Friend — has seen its stock plummet, its infuriated conservative customers dumping the product in droves.

Media Matters has tried, in typical style, to fuel the impression sponsors are abandoning Limbaugh in droves with stories like this.

The story is a deliberate lie. Limbaugh opened his program today explaining the inside baseball of radio advertising. There is a difference between local advertisers, whose dollars do not go to Limbaugh at all, and national advertisers — like Carbonite. Media Matters — and I debated Media Matters’ guy Eric Bohlert yesterday on KQED in San Francisco — deliberately misleads, and knows it, since it surely understands the difference in revenue streams between local and national advertisers.

Limbaugh also announced that new national sponsors are lining up to replace those who left — and notably, that there are at least two who want back in. In fact are “begging” to do so.

Get ready for some surprises.

Doubtless this backlash against Carbonite and others comes from the furious reaction of Rush’s audience.

The Rally for Rush continues. And it’s working.


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