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Spare the nation the ordeal of impeachment

Paul Joseph Watson
June 8, 2013

A new petition launched on the website demands that President Obama immediately resign over the innumerable unconstitutional actions he has overseen, notably the recent scandal surrounding wiretapping of journalists.


The full petition, which can be found here on the website, states the following:

President Richard Nixon resigned after wiretapping a handful of journalists, sparing the nation the ordeal of impeachment. We call on Obama to do the same. His administration vetted the NSA’s surveillance of millions of Americans and seriously violated the Fourth Amendment. He confiscated the personal records of reporters, thus violating the First Amendment, and the IRS under his watch harassed political organizations opposed to his policies. Moreover, his administration has lied under oath to Congress. In addition to violating Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution by invading Libya, his administration engaged in torture and conducted a covert drone war. Due to the severity of these crimes, we call for the immediate resignation of Barack Obama.

The petition requires 100,000 signatures before July 7 in order to mandate an official White House response.

Aside from recent wiretapping and surveillance scandals, there are a number of other issues over which Obama has clearly abused his authority and acted unconstitutionally.

– Obama failed to obtain congressional authorization for the war on Libya in 2011. Under Article 1 Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution, the power to declare war lies with Congress.

– In June 2011, President Obama arrogantly expressed his hostility to the rule of law when he dismissed the need to get congressional authorization to commit the United States to a military intervention in Libya, churlishly dismissing criticism and remarking, “I don’t even have to get to the Constitutional question.”

– In July 2011, Congress specifically rejected the Obama administration’s attempt to seek approval for war on Libya but the White House later supported a NATO-led assault anyway, terming it a “kinetic” action.

– Obama tried to legitimize his failure to obtain Congressional approval for military involvement by sending a letter to Speaker of the House John Boehner in which he said the military assault was “authorized by the United Nations (U.N.) Security Council.”


Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for and Prison He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.

Grace Wyler
Business Insider
August 27, 2012

TAMPA, FLA. — Speaking on the eve of the Republican National Convention, Ron Paul reassured hundreds of ecstatic supporters at a rally here Sunday that the revolution he began is far from over.

“Let me tell you, I was a little afraid to come down here,” Paul told the crowd at his Sun Dome rally. “I wasn’t afraid of Hurricane Isaac. But there have been a lot of news headlines that say the Revolution is over….They’re saying the Revolution isn’t happening — they wish!”

It was likely to be one of the last speeches of Paul’s political career — the Texas Congressman’s presidential campaign will officially end when the Republican Party nominates Mitt Romney this week, and Paul is retiring from Congress at the end of this year. But he promised his legions of fans on Sunday that the movement will move forward, even in his absence.

Editors Note:  Lynn Dartez

(This is happening everywhere. Time to stand up to those who think there in charge!!!!  Learn what the Constitution has to say about this crap )

End Quote

August 27, 2012

By Mark J. Fitzgibbons

American Thinker was the first to report about how Fauquier County, Virginia attempted to fine farmer Martha Boneta for hosting a birthday party for eight 10-year-old girls without a special events permit.  She was also fined for selling her farm produce without a special administrative permit, even though she had a business license that allowed those sales.

As also reported here, Martha the farmer lost her appeal before the county’s Board of Zoning Appeals.  What has not been reported is that Fauquier County, without explanation, refused to renew her business license just days before her appeal hearing.  She has been forced to shut down her small farm store where she sells organic vegetables, fiber, and feather products from her farm animals (she has over 160, most of which are rescued), as well as beeswax candles, goats milk soaps, and other products from her farming activities.

Because she could not sell her organic vegetables in this critical part of the harvest season, Martha donated them to a local food bank before they rotted.  Fauquier County zoning administrator and bureaucratic bully Kimberley Johnson is probably busy concocting some charge against Martha for giving away her veggies without a permit.  No tomato is beyond the reach of tyrants.

One local newspaper editorial claimed that Martha could have saved herself a lot of trouble and money had she just gotten the $150 administrative permit to sell her farm products.  The message from a few purveyors of free advice is that had Martha just lacked principles and done what her master, an unelected government bureaucrat, had dictated to her, she’d be in a better place.  But beware of free advice from statists.

Martha had a business license to operate a tiny farm store that sits scenically amid her farm animals and organic vegetables.  In 2011, however, Fauquier County added a new requirement for farmers, which it called a “special administrative permit.”  The county’s board of supervisors touted this new permit as an improvement on and a clarification of what farmers could sell on their private property.  Puh-lease.

One local environmental group with an unusual amount of influence over Fauquier County officials was assuredly behind the 2011 administrative permit.  This group touted the county’s recent controversial winery ordinance as a balance of interests.  The ordinance forces wineries to close at 6 p.m., defines and limits “personal private gatherings” allowable at wineries, and is a gross affront to property rights and civil liberties.  The interests being balanced seem to be statism and revenue.

The administrative permit that Martha the farmer rejected in the name of fighting for liberty is highly restrictive of the rights of farmers.  The permit is vague and open to selective enforcement.  For example, it limits farms sales to only agricultural products, at least 50 percent of which must be grown at the farm, and anything not grown at the farm must be labeled as such.

The permit therefore makes it illegal for farmers to sell ice-cold water and other beverages.  Under the permit, farmers may not sell books with pictures of the county, home-spun art, farming artifacts, or even any literature authored by the farmers themselves on farming, animal husbandry, and the like.

Even when conditions demand it, farm stores are limited in supplementing their produce by bringing in vegetables from neighboring farms, making mortgage and property tax payments more difficult than they already are.  And the permit is not clear: is it 50 percent of each type of vegetable, or 50 percent cumulatively of all the vegetables that you sell?  Only zoning czar Kimberley Johnson knows for sure.

The administrative permit also restricts what may take place at corn mazes, pumpkin patches, and other farm events for children.  Fauquier County obviously doesn’t want children to get the full farm experience — oh, but we already knew this, since the county penalized Martha for that birthday party.

Perhaps dumbest on the new list of don’ts is that farmers must keep dust from their driveways.  You read that right:  Fauquier County wants dust-free farms.  The permit provides no guidance about how much dust is illegal.  Farmers typically don’t pave their driveways because — well, because they live on farms.

Kimberley Johnson wrote to one person that farmers should water their driveways.  This means that during hot, dry spells, farmers would need to divert scarce water from crops and livestock, or face fines.

Martha could have opted into the new, more restrictive permit requirement.  She instead opted to use the phrase from Herman Melville’s Bartleby, the Scrivener: “I would prefer not to.”  In doing so, she has made herself a hero in the fight against government that breaks the law, and the anti-liberty faux environmental groups that use government for their own corrupt agendas.

What has not been reported is that in March, zoning tyrant Johnson sent her assistant Andrew Hushour, without probable cause or a judge-signed warrant, to investigate Martha’s farm for a “boarding house” violation.  Martha, you see, had college students staying at her home near the farm.  The students were volunteering during their spring break to learn about organic farming.

Hushour, coincidentally, had four armed county law enforcement officials with him.

Days before the pitchfork protest for Martha, one county official told me that Martha is under a tax audit.  I told this official that whether this is true or not, it would be illegal for anyone to disclose it to him.

Thousands of times per day, government violates the law, bullies its citizens, and compounds its grab of our property rights and individual liberties.  We don’t hear about most of these incidents because most people fear government retribution and decide to cave in.

Martha’s cause, it seems, will help expose more than just government abuse of zoning laws in Fauquier County.


By Chuck Baldwin
March 8, 2012

A few weeks ago, I said in this column, “It is far more important who is elected as your governor than who is elected President. It is far more important who is elected as your State attorney general than who is appointed US attorney general. It is far more important who is elected to your State legislature than who is elected to the US House and Senate. It is far more important who is elected as your sheriff than who is appointed as the Director of the FBI. But if all you watch is FOX News, CNN, NBC, CBS, and ABC, you will be mesmerized with national politics, and you will forget about that which is the most important defender of our liberties: our individual state governments. In fact, in many cases today, our State and local governments are as abusive of our liberties as is the federal government. This is mainly due to the inattention and misunderstanding of the People as to the importance of electing local and State leaders who will accept, as their first responsibility, the maintenance of liberty for the people they represent. And by nature, that means being a faithful watchdog to the incursions of the federal government against our freedoms.”

See my column here.

I can’t stress enough that our liberties will be won or lost at the State level. All of the evil machinations that spew forth from that Cesspool By The Potomac would have absolutely no bearing upon or authority over our lives without the approbation of our State leaders. If our states had governors like Patrick Henry and State legislators and senators like Samuel Adams today, Washington, D.C., would not be the obnoxious bully that it is.

And let’s face it: some states are better positioned to reclaim their lawful jurisdictional authority than other states. Furthermore, I am personally convinced that all it would take would be for three or four states to draw their “line in the sand” and a host–maybe even a majority–of other states would quickly follow suit. And I further believe that my home State of Montana is uniquely poised to be one of those states.

The problem in Montana, however, is similar to that of most states: the “good-old-boy,” “politics-as-usual,” “scratch-my-back-and-I’ll-scratch-yours” politicians are ensconced in the State political infrastructure. And it’s going to take some political dynamite to blast them out! And that dynamite is a courageous constitutionalist (or better yet, a host of courageous constitutionalists) who is not afraid to take on these arrogant elitists and restore the principles of liberty to their states. In short, the status quo has to go!

And I want to let readers know that there is an epic battle underway right now in Montana that is both a microcosm and precursor of the battle that is raging nationally. In fact, this political duel might be the most important fight in the State of Montana this year. And because of Montana’s leadership in the national fight for freedom, it must be regarded as one of the most important political duels in the country.

I’m talking about the race for Montana State Senate District Three. The incumbent is the personification of the word RINO. This neocon is the bane of liberty and constitutional government. In fact, he is quoted as having told a gathering of local Republicans a few days ago, “We are NOT constitutionalists; we are NOT freedom-fighters.” Pray tell, Senator, if you are not willing to support and defend the Constitution, if you are not willing to support and defend freedom, what in Hades are you doing in public office?

This man comes from a long-established Montanan family with a good reputation in the State. Unfortunately, he has used that reputation to vault himself to the State senate. Name the issue and this Big Government toady is on the wrong side of it. He’s on the wrong side of the Second Amendment issue; he’s on the wrong side of the life issue; he’s on the wrong side of the less government and less taxes issue; he’s on the wrong side of the right to work issue; he’s on the wrong side of the State sovereignty issue; and he’s on the wrong side of the right of parents to educate their children via private or Christian education or homeschooling issue. And adding insult to injury, if this man is reelected this year, he will, in all likelihood, be elected Senate President, which means he will use his incredible power and influence to kill most of the good legislation that many of the noble house members and senators will bring forth next legislative term–not to mention the scores of RINOs and neocons that he will help place in key political positions around the State. This man simply must be defeated in the Republican primary, which takes place this June.

And the good news is that there is a courageous constitutionalist who is running against this neocon Neanderthal. His name is Rollan Roberts II. I’ve known Rollan for many years, and I can tell you that Rollan is as straight as a gun barrel on every single constitutional issue facing us today. He’s straight on the Second Amendment issue; he’s straight on the life issue; he’s straight on the private and Christian education and homeschooling issue; he’s straight on the State sovereignty issue; he’s straight on the constitutional government issue; he’s straight on the right to work issue; and he’s straight on the less government and less taxes issue. Rollan has the grit and determination of Ron Paul; he has the business acumen of Steve Forbes; and he has the look and polish of Ronald Reagan. Rollan Roberts is the real deal!

As you can imagine, Rollan is going up against a political MACHINE. These elitists have already attempted to threaten and intimidate Rollan by using very graphic language. They are making it their reason for getting up in the morning to defeat Rollan in the primary election. They know what is at stake. If Rollan can beat this Big Government elitist, their plans to dominate the State senate and thwart the noble efforts of the many constitutionalists, which are in the Montana House of Representatives, will be set back for years to come.

For all intents and purposes, Rollan has two months (sixty days) to win this senate seat. You see, a large number of Montanans vote via mail-in ballot, and these ballots are distributed on the first of May. So, Rollan has the months of March and April to upset this elitist RINO. And I’m telling you: Rollan has a VERY GOOD CHANCE of succeeding. A lot of Montanans see through his opponent and are working and praying for Rollan’s success.

I am asking all of my readers, if you believe in constitutional government, if you believe in State sovereignty, if you want to help a man who is uniquely poised to make a difference, not only in the State of Montana, but in the entire country as well, please consider helping Rollan Roberts II win this State senate seat. If every reader sends a $20 contribution to Rollan’s election campaign, this just might put him over the top. Will you help?

Rollan’s campaign website.

Again, time is of the essence! Rollan only has two months to win this race. If he wins the primary, he will most assuredly win the general election in November, as this senate district is heavily Republican. In fact, as of this writing, I haven’t even heard of a Democrat who has filed for this seat.

Will you prayerfully consider helping Rollan Roberts? If I didn’t know this man as I do, I would not use this column to ask readers to support him.

Ladies and gentlemen, when we find good constitutionalists who are running for public office, we need to do everything we can to support them. If you know of such people who are running for public office in your State and community, please support them. As I said, our liberties will be won or lost at the State level!

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