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Stand with Arizona

Posted: 05/08/2010 by sugar231 in 2011

Arizona is under heavy fire from the left-wing bullies for trying to protect its own citizens from the ravages of illegal immigration.  The entire state is being attacked as ‘racist,’ ‘nazi’ and ‘extremist.’  (Sound familiar?)  The left-wing bullies believe they can target, isolate and neutralize Arizona, and thereby pressure the people of Arizona to stop enforcing the law.

If you agree with the left-wingers, then you should feel free to stay home and go on with your lifeIf, however, you DO support Arizona, we think it’s time for all of us to…


On Saturday, May 29th, patriots from across the United States will be coming together in the Phoenix area to Stand With Arizona and against the left-wing bullies.

If you support Arizona’s right to pass reasonable laws for the protection of its own citizens, you are hereby invited to JOIN US on May 29th in Phoenix.